Hidden in the quiet leafy suburb of Hillside in Bulawayo, The Nesbitt Castle is everything a modern luxurious boutique hotel should be whilst retaining all the mystery & chivalry of a golden age.

A warm welcome awaits all weary travelers and our hospitality will make you feel right at home, as a King would his castle.

Nine gloriously individual suites lie behind the castle walls, stone-chilled in the heat of summer, cosy and welcoming for those cooler days. Be enchanted by the carved four poster beds, enviable antique collection and gothic curiosities that await you along every twisting passageway and behind every gothic oak door.

Medieval crenellations circle the towers and thick granite ramparts, echoing an era when romance and chivalry were the hallmark of hospitality. That gracious ethos remains the signature of
The Nesbitt Castle today.

Enjoy the same esteem that crusading knights experienced on their return from battle whilst enjoying the sublime comforts, luxury and amenities that the 21st century traveler has come to expect – wireless broadband, satellite TV, high tea for milady, billiard room for milord.